Public Drop:

~1st Public Drop releasing 17 September 2022~

'n Verlore Verstand - Grape Drop = 20 MATIC/each
'n Verlore Verstand - Strawberry Drop = 1 AVAX/each

Early Supporters:

Next 450 People who join our Discord will
stand a chance of a FREE GIVEAWAY,
ONLY 50 Grape and 50 Strawberry Giveaway Slots Available.
(25 of Cover A and 25 of Cover B of each Flavour)

Permanent, Exclusive Community Benefits and Role for all Early Supporters
who join our Discord. Including future Giveaways and Discounts!

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Tiaan Gerber

Founder and Lead Developer of Skermunkel

Serving as the main Developer and Designer of Skermunkel as well as the Director, Tiaan strives to lead and guide the studio to the next great frontier and create novel and fun games. With over 9 years of professional industry experience creating games in the Unity engine and publishing titles onto all major platforms, including Steam, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and iOS 
To check out Tiaan’s past experience and projects he’s worked on, check out his other studio, Skobbejak Games at:


You can get a hold of Tiaan at:


More info on Skermunkel at:
What is PerMuh-G?

NO MTXs, NO Pay2Win,
NO Play2Earn.

Just 1 Single NFT for a
FULL Traditional Game
+ Extra Community Benefits

The team at Skermunkel constructed PerMuh-G to be the answer for distributing Full Traditional Video Games via Web3, IPFS and NFT Receipts.

We feel that this is a necessary venture in order to bring balance to the current NFT Game Landscape which seems to be mainly focusing on unsavoury practices, instead of making a full, fun game

Think of PerMuh-G as the “Steam” of Web3 and stay tuned as we grow the concept to its full potential.

STAY TUNED as we gradually expand PerMuh-G beyond just distributing games!


We currently have our 1st Title, ‘n Verlore Verstand, available in it’s Pre-Sale Phase, with it’s Public Drop releasing very soon.
More Titles coming very soon!

'n Verlore Verstand

Pre-Sale Registration NOW OPEN!

Released and Available on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Now made available as a NFT/Web3 Downloadable title through

Be prepared to be transported to a reality of dreams and nightmares. What will you discover about yourself in this journey through the subconscious?

NFT/Web3 Release Demo Mode Available for Windows PC RIGHT NOW! Full Drop with Full unlock starting with Pre-Sale.

Latest CID Hash:

Tyd wag vir Niemand

(Coming SOON!)

Released and Available on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. To be made available soon as a NFT/Web3 Downloadable title through 

Manipulate time to your will at any moment to solve challenges, avoid deadly traps and make it to the end of this strange journey.


NFT/Web3 Release will be Available for Windows PC soon.


Operation BoomSlang!

(Coming SOON!)

Open Alpha Available on Steam Early Access releasing Q4 2022.
Top-Down, Twin-Stick, FMV-Infused, Action-Packed MADNESS!!!

NFT/Web3 Release will be Available for Windows PC, Mac, Linux and Android soon.

How to Download?

We use Decentralized IPFS Cluster and Pins for storing all of our game titles’ game files, installers and downloads and while that makes our games secures our games in terms of preservation of files, sometimes download speeds can be very erratic, which causes downloads to fail. Luckily, there’s an easy solution 🙂

1. Download IPFS Desktop.

IPFS Desktop is the easiest way to can create and set up your own IPFS node and gain direct access to the decentralized IPFS network.

Just follow the button link below to go to the IPFS Desktop GitHub Releases page and then download the latest release for Windows PC (.exe)

Once it’s downloaded, install it and run it to start up your node and connect with IPFS Peers.

2. Download IPFS Companion

IPFS Companion is a Browser Extension that allows your browser to access IPFS links directly and connects your browser to your node and peers.


Once IPFS Desktop is installed and you have your IPFS node running, follow the button link below and select the relevant link for your browser in order to download and install it to your browser.


Make sure that the extension is enabled and turned on.


Please keep in mind that IPFS Companion can sometimes cause issues with some sites, so once you are done using it for your game downloads or IPFS needs, you can disconnect and disable it again.



3. Download the Game.

Once both IPFS Desktop and IPFS Companion are downloaded, installed and set up, go back to the download page for the game title that you are trying to download and then download it again.


Now, the download will go through your IPFS companion, node and peers and will go much quicker and smoother 🙂

NFT Utility

We believe in NFTs having actual tangible utility and not just be a simple image or a means for speculative trading, each of our NFTs gives you access to the Full Game Title represented by that NFT as well as a bunch of other benefits and features. 

Full Game Copy Ownership

By owning any of the Print Runs or Flavours of a Game’s NFT, you will receive the FULL GAME associated with that NFT, including all future updates and patches for that title. The NFT is just your cool looking receipt for your copy of the game and contains a link so that you can download and play your copy on your PC. whenever you want and wherever you are.

Distributed IPFS Hosted Game Files for Full Game Downloads

All titles have their files hosed on Distributed IPFS Clusters and Pins, both local and remote, meaning your game copy and it’s updates is always available for download. 

2nd-hand Games + Lending/Borrowing

You can do what you want with your NFT copy of the game, you can access and play the title associated with it, you can resell it when you’re done playing the game, you can borrow it to a friend or grow you game collection and show it off to your friends.

PerMuh-G Special Club Access

Each NFT doesn’t just include a FULL Traditional Game, it also gives the owner access to our Special Gated Club for PerMuh-G Members on our Discord (and coming soon extra features and portals on our site as well).

All Sales/Resales will donate a percentage to Charity and PerMuh-G

Each time you resell a PerMuh-G NFT a small percentage will be donated to charity, along with a small percentage also given to PerMuh-G in order to help sustain the team and grow the infrastructure for everyone.

Ability to Submit New Games, Videos, Music etc. for consideration

You can submit new games, videos/animations and music for consideration in the PerMuh-G Special Club on our Discord, while everyone can vote on new submissions.

More Utility and Community Benefits to be added in the Future!

These Utility and Community Benefits are just the start, stay tuned as we keep adding more cool benefits to owning one of our Game Copies 😉


All PerMuh-G Public Drops will also be available on all the top NFT Marketplaces. Pick the one you like best. Stay tuned as we gear up for our 1st Public Drop VERY SOON. 


OpenSea is the oldest and biggest NFT Market out there, so it’s natural that we would want to have our collections available on a Marketplace that people know, love and trust. This is one of the main Marketplaces for our Grape (Polygon) and (future) Blueberry (Ethereum) flavours.


Another one of the biggest and most trusted NFT Markets, so we really wanted to give the option for Rarible fans to access our collections on the Marketplace they love. This is one of the main Marketplaces for our Grape (Polygon) and (future) Blueberry (Ethereum) flavours.

Binanace (Coming Soon)

Follow us on Binance in order to stay informed on when our Banana (Binance) flavour will be available.


Joe Pegs is the go-to NFT Marketplace for Avalanche NFTs and we are proud to have our 1st Launch drop for our Strawberry flavour on their awesome marketplace!

NFT Trade

NFT Trade will be one of the main Marketplace for the Strawberry (Avalanche) flavour and general external sales of the PerMuh-G Collections.

More Coming Soon!

We will expand to more Marketplaces as PerMuh-G and the Community grows, be sure to stay tuned for any new Marketplaces we add our Collections to.


We differentiate our different NFT/Blockchain offerings under a fun flavour-based concept. Each flavour represents a specific blockchain that the NFT Contract is minted on, giving people a choice on keeping their game copy on the blockchain they prefer.



The go-to flavour (blockchain) for high quantity copies, low gas fees, and low fixed cost NFTs and Game Copies. This is the easiest flavour for players new to PerMuh-G and NFTs.



One of the new kids on the block challenging the Grape (Polygon) flavour, not as widespread yet, but even faster, cheaper gas fees and more eco-friendly. This will give an alternative for high quantity copy, low initial fixed cost NFTs and Game Copies



(Coming Soon)

Coming Soon! For those that prefer a bit more of a Centralized Structure, our Banana (Binance) flavour is just for you. Follow us on Binance to keep up to date when the Banana flavour will start dropping. 



(Coming Soon)

Coming Soon! The Blueberry Flavour will only be available in very limited quantities and reasonably higher starting prices as this flavour will represent the Limited/Collectors Edition of Games as well as include a bunch of extras and utilities such as Physical Merch and Collectibles. 

More Coming Soon

We want to give everyone as many options and opportunities to buy the titles they want from PerMuh-G how they want. Stay tuned as we add more flavours (blockchains).


PerMuh-G also works with a Cover system, to give players a choice on how they want their NFT Game Copy visually represented. 

Cover A

(Still Image)

Cover A takes the form of a Still Image and allows the player more versatility and flexibility by using their Cover as a cool Avatar or Profile Picture

Cover B

(Video Clip) 

Cover B takes the form of a Video Clip and allows the player to have something a bit more flashy to represent their NFT Game Copy.


We have a robust and extensive Roadmap planned for PerMuh-G, form the short term to the long term, in order to transparently show the public what we have planned, what we are working on and how PerMuh-G will grow over time. Stay tuned as this Roadmap progresses and grows!

~Phase 1~

1st Title Release + Building Community

The 1st Title Release, ‘n Verlore Verstand, will serve as the Proof Of Concept of the PerMuh-G infrastructure and distribution system. This Phase will also concentrate on spreading the PerMuh-G word and building the community that will take it to the future.

~Phase 2~

2nd Title Release + 1st Community Releases + More Flavours

Once we have the 2nd Title, Tyd wag vir Niemand, released. We will start releasing the 1st Batch of the best Community Submissions to the PerMuh-G Collection. We will also be introducing Limited/Collectors Editions of titles via the Blueberry (Ethereum) flavour as well as our first Bannana (Binance) releases. In this Phase we will also start with Physical Merch and Collectibles.

~Phase 3~

3rd Title Release + Expanding Utility/Community Benefits + Mac & Linux support.

We are busy finishing up Operation: BoomSlang!, the 3rd Skermunkel Title in the PerMuh-G Collection and it will be released on PerMuh-G as well as PC and Console Systems in the the 3rd Phase. We will also use this phase to listen to all the Community Suggestions to expand Utility and Community Benefits. We also want to expand PerMuh-G to Mac and Linux in this Phase to give access to more players. 

~Phase 4~

PerMuh-G Market + Android Support

Just like our PerMuh-G Store acting as our Direct Drop Store, we would like to offer everyone a Direct 2nd-Market for all PerMuh-G Items, so in this phase we want to release the PerMuh-G Market. We also want to be able to start supporting Android mobile platforms in this Phase.

~Phase 5~

4th Title Release +
Experimental, Interactive Livestream

With the release of the 4th Mystery Skermunkel Title in the PerMuh-G Collection we also want to release our Experimental Interactive Livestream, stay tuned as we can’t spoil too many details on these developments just yet 😉

~Phase 6~

PerMuh-G Launcher + Physical Games

As PerMuh-G and it’s available Collections/Items will naturally expand at this point, we would like to release a PerMuh-G Launcher in order to allow people to neatly consolidate their collections and media. We’ve experimented with this but it’s just not quite there and we need the community to get it just right. Additionally, we really want to start bringing in Physical Game Releases to give players the full old-school experience but with a new-school twist 😉

~Phase 7~

5th Title Release +
More Utility/
Community Benefits

The 5th planned (Mystery) Skermunkel Title will release in this phase. Also, with the expansion of the community and the closing of Phase 6 and the Launcher, we would like to concentrate again to listening to the suggestions of everyone to expand the Community and Utility Benefits.

~Phase 8~

PerMuh-G Store +Market+Launcher 2.0

With all of the improvements of the previous Phase, we would like to consolidate the PerMuh-G Store, Market and Launcher into 1 integrated system to optimize the convenience and accessibility of the system for the community

~Phase 9~

6th Title Release + Refining the System

The 6th planned (Mystery) Skermunkel Title will release in this system as well as a refinement on the system built so far, while listening to the suggestions of the community.

Future Phases Coming Soon!

STAY TUNED! As we get closer to the later Phases in the Roadmap we will be sure to add future Phases as the system and the community expand and evolve 😉


Tiaan Gerber

Founder and Lead Developer of Skermunkel

Dylan Gerber

-Physical Merch, Props and Collectables.
-QA and Testing

Lelanie Gerber

Business Liason, Administration & Moderation

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grow even quicker.

Every little bit helps 🙂


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